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3DES Designer
A 3D modelling program

click on the screenshot(s) to see a full size version

Click here to download 3DES Designer version 0.43b
Click here to download the 3DES SDK beta 1

Quick description:
Ever wanted to make 3D models for use in your game? Well I did...
3DES Designer is my attempt at a 3D modelling program in QB.
I originally started it to create my own models for my 3D engine, but since many people wanted to have a copy I decided to distribute it.
And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, a full-blown 3D modelling program in QB!

Features include:
- Powerful editing and manupilation of models
- Many features seen in professional 3D programs
- Multiple layers for easy editing
- Very user friendly
- Very detailed online help system, learn how to use the progam in notime.
- Real time renderer to preview your models

In the works (features planned for 3DES 1.0):
- 256 color, SVGA windowed interface
- Rendering in the isometric view and in the editor
- Support for texture maps
- Support for transparency
- and much more