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Hiya folks! welcome my all-new website, rebuilt from scratch... I hope you like it.
At least I do =)
Still deciding wether I want to have a files-page on my site, with user-submissions and stuff...
Or maybe a www board...or...or...
Aw...first I need a good host.
If anyone would be willing to host my site, I'd be very grateful.

I hope I can deliver more frequent updates now, but just don't count on it okay?


August 9
Well it's been a long time sice the last update but I've been far too busy getting me a job and all the trouble surrounding it.
I'll start working the end of August so expect even less updates after that date =P
No seriously, I'll have less time to spend on programming for my own but I'll try to work on my projects as frequently as possible.

Oh and one other thing, I've had lots of complaints of people who could not access the lower buttons on the navigation frame, because their screen resolution was too low.
I have not yet found a way to solve this problem, as a scroll bar would mess up the whole thing and look ugly as hell.
The only way to access the lower button right now is to use a dirty 'ol trick... click and hold your mouse somewhere in the navigation frame where there's no hyperlink and move your mouse down as far as possible, once the selection reaches the bottom of the screen, the frame will start scrolling and show the rest of the buttons. It sucks, I know. But as I said, I have not yet found a proper way to solve the problem... 

Important additions:
JumP 0.1.5 released, great performance increase
- New WinQB screenshots! (just to shut you guys up.. har har.. I'm working on it ok?)
- Some new poems, English as well as Dutch

Old News

June 7
Well, uploaded the new site, so practically everything has changed... just look around a bit, you'll see.

Important additions:
- 3DES SDK beta 1 is now available for download (ever wanted to use 3D models in your game/program? here is something to start with)
- JumP version 0.1.4 is now avaiable

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