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About my music

I have got my own so-called 'bedroom studio' (which basically means a studio in your bedroom.. =P ) and I spend a lot of time writing and recording my own music in there, 'moonboot' being my so-called artist name.
This is the equipment I use:

- Roland JV-1080 synth (expanded with the Techno board)
- Roland E-28 used as controller
- A Korg N5
- A PC running Cakewalk Pro Audio 8
- A SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold sound card
- SoundCraft SA-100 Mixer

I started writing music when I was about 12 years old, at first using a software kind of 'sampler', a tracker: Fast Tracker 2.
I used it for quite some time, but the quality of the sound was not that good so I decided to buy a synthesizer and migrated to the wonderful world of MIDI.

At this time I am working on an album called Technological Abuse which, I hope, will be released at the end of this year.
This will be my second CD to be released. The first one was called Storm (after the first song of the album) and featured only my Fast Tracker 2 music.
You will be able to download some of the songs taken from Technological Abuse on my artist page on (see download page).