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A revolutionary platform game engine

click on the screenshot(s) to see a full size version

Click here to download JumP version 0.1.5 upgrade (requires all the datafiles included in the version 0.1.4 archive)
Click here to download JumP version 0.1.4 (includes level editor)

What's new in the latest version:
Major performance increase (from an average of 270 FPS (version 0.1.4) to 445 FPS (version 0.1.5) on my PIII 500) thanks to optimizations in my ASM code.
Apart from that, 0.1.5 has no real improvements over 0.1.4.

Quick description:

My goal when I started this project was to attempt a platform game of great quality and with gameplay that the QB world had never seen before.
Still under heavy development, it looks very promising already if I may say so myself =)

Features include:
- Multiple parallax scrolling backgrounds
- Realistic physics
- 'Elastical camera' meaning that the camera follows the character with a slight delay...
- Translucent tiles/sprites
- Custom-written ASM for speed
- All kinds of goodies to collect
- Traps like spikes and other damage-inflicting stuff

In the works:
- Particle engine for explosion sequences, bullet shells and other things, could be used for weapon projectiles (can we say: flamethrower?)
- Killer character animation and enemy AI
- Water tiles for underwater mayhem
- Moving/rotating/dissolving platforms and stuff