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Some of my poems
in English

Black smoke from my candle
condensates on my eye
All I see is night

Can't help but repay you with hate
for that is all you have left me with

And don't tell me I'm wrong
give me the defenition of right instead

Inside of me is the perfect world
my own little utopia
in which reside the perfect people
who still know true love
and passion

I opened my eyes to let them in
and granted them permission
to build on the soil of my soul

Inside of me is the perfect world
inside me is this mirror
that reflects reality

Enjoying a walk trough the hills of my mind
I look at the sky above and widen my eyes
to let your sunshine in my head
I sit down on the green grass below
to pick a flower, red as your lips

I lean over to the river
to meet my reflection
in your eyes
to drink your love
it fills me up inside

You are in my mind
you are my mind

Sitting there in front of my opened window
carrying the pale moonlight as white sand on my fingers

wondering how such a weightless thing
can leave this deep an impression on my soul

wondering how such a weightless thing
does not get swept away by the breath of night

and it's all it's beauty, that reminds me of you

I've travelled all the world

In search of the one thing
I just could not find
Did not know where to look
or what I was looking for

In search of that one thing
she found me first

A story about my life
unheard of
like a swan's singing to its own death

as I read through the pages of white
and all is white
the beauty of its simplicity astonishes me
if I may say so myself
each page a revelation
I greedily drink the wisdom
but it's making me wiser no more

of unsurpassed fame, yet unknown to the world
like a bird in a black sky

reiging the land of the innocent
tho my throne was no higher than my pride

I pretended to be the sword I used to fight my fears
I pretended to be loved, to have lived
making me happy no more

To admit it's confronting, almost painful
I have done so
That book, the chapters, the pages
I have read them over a thousand times
only to realize
I have always been the slayer of my dreams
It was me who killed the beast by the portal
of the only truth

Never have I wished so hard to be able to return
to that place
I've never been before

I touch the pages for the last time
close my eyes and then the book
as my last breath fills my nose with the smell
of burning wood, hate and fear
Thick black smoke ascends the mountains
that once isolated my thoughts
guarded my soul
It condensates on my mind
I think no more
I am no more

Never again do I wish to be reminded of this truth, reality
for it's harshness brought me to my fall
deeper and deeper
from this dream I will never awake

like a flower
your presence comforts me
your beauty is a gift to all who are lucky enough
to be able to see not just the colors
but your warmth as well
I descent on your soft body
and fold my wings together
all is silent as I hold you close
drinking the sweetness from your heart
hoping you will always remain
like a flower

a thorn in my eye
hides the hurt from my vision
but I still feel the cold
the blood in my vains
holds to a still
and you paint my image in ice
all of my life
captured in one slice of time
yet so meaningless
to those who seek to find

I have seen
the world
I have heard all wise words
from within hollow minds

And in all sincerity
I can say
I need not live
in this place
where people see through me
and look at the cold grey
of the walls behind

I need not live
in this place
where all that makes us human
seems to be banned

and you know what?
I live not
not in this place
not in this world

I found a better place
a place where I can be
with only the other half
of me
because she understands me
she loves me
for we are one
and yet so far apart

but I can live with that
as long as it's not in this place
not in this world

I found a better place