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The QB IDE for windoze!

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Sorry.. none yet.

Quick description:
Are you sick of that obsolete text-based interface of the original QB IDE?
Are you sick of that same IDE taking up loads of memory that your program could have been using?
Confused because programs run fine within the IDE but not when you actually compile them into an EXE?
Then WinQB it just the solution for you!

Features will include:
- Vitually unlimited sourcecode size
- Possibility to open multiple editor windows at once (lots more than QB's two in split mode)
- Clear source browser to quickly switch between modules, SUBs, and functions.
- Integrated assembly support, just point at your assembler directory (MASM/TASM are currently supported) and load any ASM file into your project
- Load multiple libraries at once, just point at any LIB or OBJ file and WinQB will take care of the rest
- When you press Run, the environment will assemble, compile and link your projectů no more separate assembling, no more combining of LIB's and no more differences between execution in the IDE and execution of the EXE.
- Maybe I'll add color coding and autocomplete, but that depends on wether I can get the bugs out of my QB-textbox OCX file =)

Misc. info:
It's being written in VB 5
It does NOT include a new compiler, it still uses the old BC.EXE compiler, this is for compatibility and because I don't feel like writing a new one =)
- There is no demo available -yet- but expect one soon